Viaje WLP Test-Batch #7

Viaje WLP Test-Batch #7
***Me and My Big Mouth***


Yesterday, I’m at the cigar shop looking around at everything in the humidor, and Viaje was one of the brands I was especially interested in. I looked at the Satori line, but honestly wasn’t willing to shell out the big dollars required to join that club.

At the end of the Viajes was a reasonably-priced affair called the Viaje White Label Project Test-Batch #7, circa 2014. Like 8 bucks.

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Viaje WLP Test Batch #7Did some iPhone research and learned about it being a one-time release (same as all the WLP’s), releasing 300 bundles/7,500 cigars total, ever. Picked up four of them, in case they’re awesome, because they’re basically gone.

Told the dude working there how cool it was, and rare, and aged six years, and another well-to-do gent I swapped cigar chat with.

Went back today with Laura to show her. The label was there, but the box had disappeared.  There were still six or seven in there the day before, having languished untouched for years at that store, squirreled away on the top shelf next to multiple boxes of high-dollar sticks. Today they’re gone.

Me and my big mouth. At least we got a couple apiece, maybe they’ll be awesome.

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