Oliva Connecticut Reserve Robusto Review

Oliva Connecticut Reserve Robusto Review


Oliva CT Reserve RobustoOpening Notes:

  • 5 x 50
  • Smoked with coffee
  • Perfect draw on V-cut
  • High hopes, enjoying Connecticut shade as I usually do.

The Play-by-Play

The first third of the Oliva Connecticut Reserve Robusto had some spiciness on the retrohale and a “creamy” mouth-coating texture. It’s good with my coffee right now, but the coffee is overpowering the cigar flavors. During the second third, a bitterness developed, which I found offputting.  I corrected burn after ashfall, and toward end of this third, the bitterness backed off, the burn line seemed okay, and good flavor returned.

Approaching the final third, it seemed to be shaping up to be very nice cigar.  It did not put out as much foot smoke as I like, but it developed a very fragrant foot smoke.  It possessed little detectable strength, and the body approached medium-level.  I enjoyed this third the most, for sure. The flavor stood up to the coffee, and there was no spice or pepper on the retrohale.  The band came off easily.

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I would rate it as a good morning smoke.  Its medium body makes it a-typical of traditional Connecticut shade cigars.  Slight bitterness reappeared on approaching the band area, and the burnline needs occasional tweaking.  Strangely, it seems like the bitterness appears when touch-up time is approaching. The foot smoke output improved and was very nice here.

Oliva CT Reserve RobustoI thought the bitterness had subsided after brief cameo, but I spoke too soon.  Not so much a cameo, apparently, and seems to be recurring issue, which, again, was a bit offputting.  Frequent touch up was necessary, and that seemed to also impact the flavor.  The construction was not consistent , but the draw was still very good.

In the end, the bitterness came back, definitely detracting from overall enjoyability.  It could just be this stick; I’ve not smoked another one to compare it to.  I detected a slight tingle on lips as the final third ended.  The bitterness faded, but it continued to lurk in the background, mingling with the other flavors again.

With less than 2 inches left, the cigar warmed up, and the bitterness again took control.  Not going to nub this one – just too bitter, and as a result, unenjoyable.  The tingle crept further into the front of my mouth there at the end.




Overall, the Oliva Connecticut Reserve Robusto was a disappointing stick, which is sad to say after seeing so many positive reviews.  Again, it could just be particular to this stick.  A little strength was detectable exiting the final third.  Bitterness washed out the flavors on the draw, spoiling an otherwise decent finish.  Too bad, but they can’t all be winners.  Hopefully, your experience was/will be better.  It showed flashes of enjoyability, but they were just too few and far between.  I give it 2 out of 5.

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5 thoughts on “Oliva Connecticut Reserve Robusto Review”

  1. Awesome buddy, I love the end part. I have some experience of the bitterness coming back, definitely detracting from overall enjoy-ability. Something like that made me quit smoking and I wondered why to this day. I’ve not smoked another one after that kind of test in my mouth and have never felt of smoking either. Smoking could have been great for recreation. I probably need to try once more time again.  

    • Hello Mr. Jongu, and thank you for your comment.

      Cigar smoking isn’t for everyone, and I’m sure you had your reasons for stepping away. It can be very relaxing and satisfying with the right selection (for you), to smoke with a nice drink of your choice, perhaps with a friend or a family-member who also enjoys it. It’s a nice opportunity to slow down from a daily rush, to sit and talk, or just savor a good cigar in a quiet, unrushed bubble of calm, in an otherwise hectic world.

      Peace, my friend!

  2. Great stick of cigar again you got here and if I can add, I have not add a sip of this but always heard about it. My dad also has had his own fantasies regarding this particular stick of cigar but maybe one day I’ll get a bundle and we’ll just sit in his balcony and rock on his nice rocking chairs and have sticks of this together and reflect on out lives 

    • That would be great, sitting and reminiscing over a good smoke with family, relaxing on a deck. This is the ultimate cigar experience, perhaps one of the reasons they were invented!

  3. A while ago, I learnt about The Smoking Monkey platform and although I don’t smoke, the things I learn on the website makes for a good conversation topic between myself and my friends that smoke. I love the way The Smoking Monkey breaks down a review into fine details that can be easily understood. The Oliva Connecticut Reserve Robusto is a good strain and I must admit that it’s got some really nice features. 


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