Drew Estate Liga Privada Papas Fritas Review

Drew Estate Liga Privada Papas Fritas Review

Drew Estate LP Papas Fritas This morning’s with-coffee smoke was a little short-filler machine-made flavor bomb (4 1/2 x 44) Papas Fritas from the vaunted Liga Privada (Drew Estate) line. In fact, the scraps are leftovers from the ultra-premium Liga Privada #9, which is in so high of a demand that they can become scarce.

This is definitely the most delicious machine-made cigar I’ve ever had, not surprising considering its pedigree. About $5 a stick, which is a pittance of what you’d pay for the hand-made #9 blend smokes.

They say the MM’s won’t hold their ash, buuuuut…

This little guy is described as medium to full-strength, but I finished it on an empty stomach with no problems. Full-bodied? YUP. Worth every penny. Gotta try it, dudes! Relatively inexpensive super-premium: no downside. Had to (regretfully) put it down un-nubbed because it got hot, but it still got past the standard band location (the band is on the foot of these ones).

Currently smoking a TRUE budget cigar, a JC Newman “Factory Throwout” #49, the non-sweet version. Hard pass on the sweet, AFAIC. This is from the Fuente fields, buddy. Size 5 1/2 x 49. Ecuadoran sungrown wrapper, Dominican and Nicaraguan long-filler. For like $2.50!

Yes, please!


Oh! Last night I had a My Father #3, standard line, and ohboyohboyohboy. One of my top ever smokes, if you ain’t smoked one, buddy, get to it! Lives up to all the hype, and not super-expensive! Got two #1’s and a Le Bijou 1922 torpedo in the dugout, hommina hommina hommina. Do yourself a huge favor, bro!

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