Henry Clay Warhawk Robusto Review

Henry Clay Warhawk Robusto Review

It’s been years since I smoked any cigars, but got the craving back. First great stick was a little Rocky Patel Vintage 1990, and that was that. Wanted to jump right back into the deep (dark) end but learned I need to stick with mild-to-medium for now. The clincher was a little Intemperance Intrigue BA XXI petite corona! Little guy took me behind the woodshed, I’m embarrassed to say.

This morning I tried out a Henry Clay Warhawk Robusto – heard it was a good medium with, I think, an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. A bit spicy at first, but it mellowed out and went well with my coffee. I smoked more than I planned, being easily my largest smoke yet at 5×54, but it kept satisfying. It did not overpower my empty stomach, and it poured off volumes of beautiful, fragrant smoke. I’ve heard many positive things about it –  hard to find a negative review, which ain’t bad for a non-full-bodied smoke these days.


I recommend the Warhawk Robusto as a good first smoke of the day.

Pardon my fingernails, been working on the Mazda’s suspension. 🙂

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