Drew Estate Undercrown Shade Corona Review

Drew Estate Undercrown Shade Corona Review

Specs and First Impressions:

  • Corona – 5 5/8 x 46
  • Beautiful Connecticut wrapper
  • Fuzzy
  • Hidden seams
  • Pre-light barnyard smell at the foot
  • Slightly spongy barrel
  • Perfect draw (yay!)

Surprised by 6 out of 10 pepper on the retrohale in first half inch! Connecticut?? Subsided shortly thereafter. Ash dropped off at the end of the first third.

The Body

Throughout the second third, still some intermittent pepper, especially on the retrohale. A nice sweetness developed here. Oil on my tongue but especially on the lips. Not very much smoke coming off the foot, alas. Cigar is burning very coolly with only the occasional wave at the burn line, so very good construction – as you’d expect from a Drew Estate cigar product.

Rain has set in here at the house.


Slight tingle on the lips, two inches from the finish. No pepper tingle in the throat, so a good morning choice. However, pairing with coffee can overpower the cigar flavors, which I really wish I had the palate to describe. All I can say is, it’s about halfway between mild and medium in flavor and solidly mild in strength, which I prefer for the first cigar of the day.


The End

With an inch and a half left, a light pepper returns on retrohale. Still waiting for that “Aha!” moment when I can identify my first describable flavor, like coffee or cocoa or vanilla, etc. Practice, practice, practice! 😃

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Starting to warm up too much with slightly over an inch left. I’ve no interest in finishing it with hot lips, so setting it down. Nicely mild to low-medium in body. Only a slight tingle on the lips, so about the same in strength. I won’t be tasting it in my mouth all afternoon, which works okay (for me) for the first smoke of the day.

My cigar was more flavorful than an average Connecticut cigar with more strength. Feeling the slightest tongue-tingle now that it’s done. Oil on the lips and a pleasant, mild aftertaste.


DE Undercrown Shade - The EndRecommendation:

Recommended for those who can appreciate a lighter smoke, but if you have moved past mild cigars, I’d probably skip it. It was not fantastically fragrant, owing to minimal smoke coming off the foot (which i missed), but it was enjoyable enough. Solid construction requiring only a touch-up here and there to even it out, but most smokers probably wouldn’t need to bother with that. No canoeing or anything, even though I scorched about an inch on one side by mistakenly selecting a triple-jet lighter. I dodged a bullet when it didn’t ignite.

I’d rate the Drew Estate Undercrown Shade Corona around 85 for a Connecticut and would probably smoke it again when I’m done trying the umtpy-ump bazillion others I’m looking forward to trying. I’ve been out of the hobby for so long that myriads of brands have piled up in the absence, to rave reviews. Yay!

Peace and Health, if you can swing it.

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The Smoking Monkey


9 thoughts on “Drew Estate Undercrown Shade Corona Review”

  1. Hey Brother Briany! Actually, we have launched Regular Joe-L Cigars YouTube Channel, but we don’t have any videos uploaded yet. It’s a process…

  2. Ahhh…I miss smoking cigars. I’ve had to stop for health reasons. You’ve written a great post on the taste, feel and burn of a cigar here. I used to love the fragrance and watching the burn of a good cigar. Me and my friends used to bet on who’s ash dropped first. My question is. Is your car your smoking sanctuary? Asking for a friend.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing an old dear hobby with me.


    • Hello Courtney, I do hope you are in good health. Not to encourage anything unhealthy for you, or anything which may be harmful to your personal health situation, but perhaps one cigar, maybe a small, light cigar, could possibly be okay, on a special occasion perhaps? Of only the mildest type, of course.

      If not, of course your health is paramount.

      Yes, indeed, my car is my little cigar haven, where i can control climate, and the amount of wind, too much of which can interfere with smoking a good stick. And the console cupholder means my beverage is at my fingertips, and lighter or cutter are always in easy reach.

      Smoking inside our house is not an acceptable option, so having a little portable, climate-controlled smoking hut is the next best thing to a smoker’s lounge. There’s music readily available, my wife Laura can sit and have a pleasant smoke with me, and the seats are comfortable! 😃

  3. I liked the rawness and straightforwardness of this one. I appreciate the detail. Overall, sounds like the kind of cigar I would be fine trying as I’m no regular smoker. Sounds also like a great option through which to get into cigars. My brother could probably appreciate a pair of these. As far as I know, he hasn’t yet done any. Plus, as far as I can tell, it’s extremely unlikely that these will knock one out like I’ve witnessed some Cuban cigars do with irregular smokers. Cheers.

    • Yes, my friend, this might be a nice, mellow selection for the occasional smoker. Connecticut-Shade cigars are typically blended to be mild, with more nuanced flavors, and less strength (nicotine kick) than those cigars with darker wrappers.

      Though it’s fair to say that more manufacturers are creating tobacco blends, using the Connecticut wrapper, which are targeted to the veteran smoker, this Oliva Connecticut should be a relaxing choice for the novice or infrequent smoker to enjoy without unpleasant after-effects. And veteran smokers enjoy them, too!

      Cheers, my friend.

      • Edit: I was referring to the Oliva Connecticut Reserve as a good mild selection. These Undercrown Shade cigars are blended by Drew Estate to be a bit bolder, for the record.

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