Drew Estate Undercrown Shade Review (by SmokingBunny)

Drew Estate Undercrown Shade Corona


  • Corona – 5 5/8 x 46
  • Ecuadorian Connecticut shade-grown wrapper
  • Sumatran binder
  • Dominican Criollo 98 and Nicaraguan Criollo & Corojo fillers


Drew Estate Undercrown Shade Corona

I have been looking forward to smoking this cigar, as my husband, The Smoking Monkey has spoken very highly of them.  Last night’s smoke was no disappointment!

I used a punch-cutter on this cigar.  The easy, pre-light draw features a beautiful, creamy cedar aroma. The wrapper is soft and fuzzy, and the stick displays an even firmness.


Post-Light Progression:

Producing lots of very smooth smoke with a light, full pepper on inhale. I know that sounds like two opposites, but that’s what I got.  The foot smoke is fruity and delicious. The burn is a bit uneven, and it seems to want to burn fast. Easy retrohale with light to no pepper.

Lovely head smoke scents with a light herbal quality. The burn is still a little uneven but self-correcting well. I even detect a hint of pencil shavings in the nose. πŸ˜„.


Picking up some citrus, grapefruit flavor with more pepper on the retrohale but still not heavy nor lasting through the finish. Very mild, pleasant flavors and a rich vanilla scented head smoke. The burn evened out well and slowed down nicely. Maybe the foot was drier and looser than the rest of the cigar.  It has definitely improved in that respect.  The smoke is light and cool with a woody sweetness and an increasingly creamy mouthfeel.

Flavors lightened up and now getting a nice tea flavor but without the usual bitterness associated with tea leaves. Plenty of smoke with a nice draw. and an excellent, even burn.

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Picked up some green pepper flavor on the draw and the retrohale before the return of a light, sweet, woody vanilla with a little caramel drizzled on top.

After removing the label, the burn is getting a little uneven. Flavors include tea and light vanilla cream with a little grapefruit/citrus and herbs. Still little to no pepper.


Drew Estate Undercrown Shade Corona - The EndFinal Word:

At the end, I’m getting a woody, slightly bitter tea flavor and some oiliness on the lips. The Undercrown Shade cigars do not seem to have a powerful nicotine content, but it’s definitely there.  Still producing lots of smoke with light pepper and smoked sausage on retrohale.  Nice to the end!! (As pretty much always with Drew Estate).


Would I smoke it again?

YES! And hopefully soon!

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